No. 125 (20 December, 1933)
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重(?)生助産學校沈應慧女士倩影 雪懷照相館贈photo of Ms. Shen Yinghui in Chong (?) sheng Midwifery school, donated by Xue Huai photo studio
運動場上的健將,東南女子專科體育學校的三個健兒Athletes on the field, three athletes in Southeast female sports school
運動場上的健將,健康而又活潑的小姑娘楊依仁小姐立在太陽裡Athletes on the field, healthy and lively little girl Yang Yiren stood under the sun
玲瓏信箱Mailbox of Linloon
運動場上的健兒,北平光華女子中學校籃球隊全體球員合影Atheletes on the field, group photo of all basketball team members in Beiping Guanghua female middle school
運動場上的健兒,南洋荷屬吧城青年會女子籃球隊全體隊員Atheletes on the field, all the players of Nanyang Dutch Ba City Youth League women's basketball team
閨秀,立在階上的兩位小姐:許奎春小姐,吳泳影小姐ladies, two ladies standing on the stairs: Miss Xu Kuichun, Miss Wu Yongying
閨秀,嚴肅的面孔慾笑不笑ladies, the serious face wants to laugh but does not
常識Common knowledge
法律顧問Legal Counsel
運動健兒,志成女子中學籃球隊全體球員合影Sports athletes, group photo of all basketball team members in Zhicheng female middle school
運動健兒,香港女子排球隊Sports athletes, Hongkong female volleyball team
與花並美之四位女同學four female students as beautiful as flowers
抱著大草帽之席?女士Miss Xi ? holding a large straw hat
北平兩吉女校十一週年遊藝會eleventh anniversary of entertainment in Beiping liang ji female school
散花舞之黎升瑜女士Scattered flower dance, Ms. Li Shengyu
參加先施毛展表演編織技術之謬國華女士Miss Miao Guohua, who participated in the first exhibition of weaving techniques
上課的時候大家一本正經的上課,下了課以後便可以到運動場去玩玩Everyone attends class seriously during the class, so that they will be able to go to the playground to have fun after class.
時代婦女之操作The operation of women of the time
時代婦女之操作, 女子體育家汪春若女士立在裁判員台上望著操場裡運動的姑娘The operation of women of the time, the female athlete Ms. Wang Chunruo stands on the stair, watching the girls doing sports on the playground
影星film star
影星,在"旋宮豔史"裡受著全世界影迷讚揚的珍妮麥唐納film star, Jeanette MacDonald, who acted in "The Love Parade", was praised by movie fans all over the world
天一影星陳玉梅女士與胡珊女士一個佔一個鞦韆架Tianyi movie stars Ms. Chen Yumei and Ms. Hu Shan both occupy swings
暨南影片公司聲片演員唐雪倩女士在六和塔旁戲水時之情形the situation of actress Miss Tang Xueqian of Jinan film company playing water by liuhe tower
包湧泉之女公子包小蘋小姐Bao Yongquan's daughter Miss Bao Xiaoping
晚服之一one of the evening dresses
旗袍與小馬甲Cheongsam and small vest
這是搖曳袖的西式晚禮服This is a western-style evening dress with swaying sleeves
兩個香豔的姑娘.右係瓊克勞馥two sexy women. Right is Joan Crawford
兩個香豔的姑娘.妥貝溫姑娘two sexy women. Miss Tuobeiwen
抵羊牌毛線Diyang wool
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
影星艾霞女士movie star Ms. Ai Xia