No. 164 (12 December, 1934)
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泰麗驊女士Ms. Tai Lihua
百樂門舞廳名媛時裝表演The fashion show of the socialites in the Paramount Hall
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花前:汪曼傑女士In front of the flowers: Ms. Wang Manjie
陳自芳女士Ms. Chen Zifang
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
韋秋霞女士Ms. Wei Qiuxia
潘文娟與范里香Pan Wenjuan and Fan Lixiang
天真無邪的笑,是孩子們珍貴的傑作;除了討人厭的白癡,只有孩子是無憂無慮,討人歡喜的了。The innocent and pure smile is the precious masterpiece of children; apart from the annoying idiots, only children are free from care and lovable.
有糖吃書都不要,還是孩子的根性;有利可圖,正義就不要了,大概是大人們的孩子氣吧?If there are candies to eat, the books are then given away. It is still the nature of the children. If there are profits to gain, the justice is then given up. It might be the childishness of the adults.
是不滿吃人的社會嗎?帶著心愛的小生命阿花,踏著沉重的步子,悲憤地......往何處去?Is it that (you) are not satisfied with this cannibalistic society? Where are (you) going with your beloved little life Ahua, with the heavy steps, grievously and angrily...?
「禁止學生跳舞」正喊得烏烟瘴氣,小小年紀,竟也學會跳舞嗎?「唉,世風不古!」難怪老學究要搖頭嘆氣。That ‘‘students are forbidden to dance'' is being shouted in an foul atmosphere. With that young age, (you) have learned how to dance already? ''ah, the moral values are no longer what they were in the good old days!'' No wonder that (those) old scholastics would shake their heads and sigh.
百樂門舞廳時裝宴舞大會之明星時裝表演The fashion show of the stars of the fashion banquet and ball in the Paramount Hall
球場上:活潑健美的姑娘們。On the sports field: the lively, vigorous and beautiful girls
「三兄弟」--她們自己說的--(左至右)游泳,鄭世煌,黃喋。''Three brothers'' - They themselves said so - (from left to right) You Yong , Zheng Shihuang , Huang Die.
半山中:北平華光女中的幾位同學旅行長城留影On the hillside: A photo of several students of Beiping Huaguang Girls' High School during their travel to the Great Wall
藝友:北平梅社社員(左至右)房庭筠,張竹清,陳素真。Art friends: Members of Beiping Mei Association (from left to right) Fang Tingyun , Zhang Zhuqing , Chen Suzhen