No. 167 (09 January, 1935)
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五‧一: 兒童圖畫特輯May 1st: special issue of children's pictures
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甜蜜蜜的笑Sweet smile
甜蜜蜜的笑Sweet smile
童子軍Boy scout
小妹妹的舞姿Little girl's dancing posture
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
圖為在市府禮堂舉行成立典禮(下)全體員生合影picture on the bottom: group photo of all participants during the open ceremony in the city hall
圖為在市府禮堂舉行成立典禮(上)開會情形picture on the top: open ceremony in the city hall during the meeting
女子組競賽中途The [bicycle] competition of the women's group at the midway point
女子組競賽終點The [bicycle] competition of the women's group at the finishing line
男子組競賽中途The [bicycle] competition of the men's group at the midway point
競賽員唐炳良(右)與唐耀良表演乘坐腳踏車之技能The contestant Tang Bingliang (right) and Tang Yaoliang performing their skill of riding a bike [that stands on rolls and doesn`t move forwards]
男子組第一徐正智女子組第一汪愛先幼童組第一王克哉與大會總裁判王正廷氏夫婦合影Group picture of the champion of the men's group[called] Xu Zhengzhi, the champion of women's group [called] Wang Aixian, the champion of children's group [called] Wang Kezai and the chief referee of the meeting Mr. Wang Zhengting [together with] his wife
上‧獲首獎之兩兒童周小麗與姜克威合影picture on the top: Photo of the two first prize winners among childrens: Zhou Xiaoli and Jiang Kewei
下‧ 優勝者與馬市長夫人合影(右第二人為馬夫人)picture on the bottom: Photo of the winners together with the Mayor Mr. Ma (the second from the right is Mr. Ma)
媽媽貓跑了Mama, the cat is gone
小妹妹喂雞A little girl is feeding the chickens
未來的音樂家: 上圖為該園聲樂科二年級女生合唱The future musicians: The picture on the top is showing the sophomore female chorus of vocal music
未來的音樂家: 中圖為鋼琴科教授彈琴The future musicians: The picture in the middle is showing the professor of the piano department playing the piano
未來的音樂家: 下圖為提琴獨奏練習The future musicians: The picture on the bottom is showing the practice of the solo violin
街頭所見Street sights
街頭所見Streets sights
現代兒童:廣東省立女師運動會附小學生表演之梅花舞Modern children: The elementary school studentens of the Guangdong provincial women normal college are performing the plum flower dance at a sports event
現代兒童:純潔莊嚴兒童詩歌班列隊表演歌唱Modern children: The pure and solemn children's poem class are performing [and] singing in lines
現代兒童:小學生表演雪花舞素衣翩翩有如仙子Modern children: The students of the elementary school are performing a snowflake dance in graceful and elegant white clothes like fairies
孩子的表情An expression of a child
天真瀾漫的幼稚生Innocent and naive kids
聖誕節中的兒童恩物The children's presents at Christmas
相依為命Relying on each other all life long
常識Common knowledge
兜安氏秘製保腎丸DOAN´S exklusive Kidney Pills
法律顧問Legal Counsel
徐來的女兒小鳳The daughter of Xu Lai: Xiao Feng
拾級而登Walking up the stairs
小孩與花Child with flower
逸園 Leisure garden (Canidrome)
翻觔斗─童星李洛Somersaults: child star Baby LeRoy
好萊塢最紅的童星秀蘭鄧波兒近影The newest picture of Hollywood's most popular child star Shirley Temple