No. 194 (24 July, 1935)
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程畹芬女士,元仲南女士,兩位女藝人習繪圖、精音樂Ms. Cheng Wanfen, Ms. Yuan Zhongnan: Two artists master painting and musik
游罷Travel break
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華南體育健將高麗娥女士Ms. Gao Li 'e: athlete in South China
大夏大學杜希英小姐Miss Du Xiying from Daxia University
留日學生方若蘭女士 Ms. Fang Ruolan: student studying in Japan
大夏研究室中方明珠女士Ms. Fang Mingzhu in the lab of Daxia University
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
常識Common knowledge
郝安妮女士Ms. Hao Anni
張文澍女士Ms. Zhang Wenshu
留我天真Keep my naïveté
憨笑Ingenuous smile
薛珊瑛女士Ms. Xue Shanying
兜安氏秘製保腎丸DOAN´S exklusive Kidney Pills
兜安氏秘製保腎丸DOAN´S exklusive Kidney Pills
文藝Literature and art
香港閨秀盧玉英女士Ms. Lu Yuying: gentry lady from Hong Kong
孫總理原配夫人盧氏,近年迁居澳門,虔奉基督教,圖為氏在禮拜堂中守安息日後,出門留影Prime Minister Sun´s first wife Ms. Lu has moved to Macao in the past few years and embraced Christianity. The picture is th photo of Ms. Lu coming out after the worship in the chapel.
社會棟樑:北平翊教中學本年度高中畢業生全體合影Pillars of society: Group photo of this year´s graduates of Beiping Yijiao Highschool
亞絲德麗愛爾文Astrid Allwyn
巴比拉斯丹妃克Barbara Stanwyck
逸園Leisure garden (Canidrome)
血淚斑斑Full of blood and tears
世界婦女World women
影星照片社Movie Stars Photograph House
徐來女士Ms. Xu Lai
舞妹〔......〕女士Dancing girl Ms.〔......〕