No. 221 (22 January, 1936)
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日本兒童之遊戲Japanese children: playing
臨流—李嬡芳女士By the stream - Ms. Li Aifang
海濱三友Three friends at seaside
上海女中的幾位健而活潑的小姐Healthy and lively girls from Shanghai Grils' High School
徐小姐,在這清幽的地方你奏一曲聽聽吧Miss Xu, please play a song here in this quiet and beautiful place
笑嘻嘻Happily grinning
跑跑跑車來了Run run run, the bike is coming
哥哥妹妹同坐同遊Elder brother and little sister sit and tour together
花園獨步Walking alone in the gardon
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
生活漫畫Life caricature
漫畫指誤Find errors in caricatures
常識Common Knowledge
梅琳女士Ms. Mei Lin
莉莉小姐的兩副神氣Two pictures of Miss Lili's expression
影星波拉史東Paula Stone的繩戲The rope show of the movie star Paula Stone
影星伊芙蓮納與歐爾布拉偉爾出遊Movie star ? and ? going on an excursion
尤娜茂開爾(Una Merkel)Una Merkel