No. 222 (05 February, 1936)
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俞月明女士Ms. Yu Yueming
平楊憶娃女士Ms. Ping Yang Yiwa
葉紅女士Ms. Ye Hong
生活漫畫:封面女郎Life caricature: Cover girl
他們辛苦製出爆竹送給有錢的孩子去玩They work hard to make firecracker for the rich children to play
邵芝英女士Ms. Shao Zhiying
兒童樂園:小弟弟,我猜你的名字叫楊希鎮Children's paradise: Little boy, I guess, your name is Yang Xizhen
兒童樂園:愛花惜花坐在花叢中Children's paradise: Love flowers, cherish flowers. sitting in the flowers
兒童樂園:小弟弟嘻嘻嘻Children's paradise: Little boy, hi hi hi
吃大餅Eat large pancake
玲瓏信箱The Linglong Mailbox
常識Common Knowledge
漫畫指誤Find errors in caricatures
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伊芙琳維奈勃(Evelyn Venable)Evelyn Venable
舞姿:影星伊立諾鮑威爾(Eleanor Powell)Dancing posture: Movie star Eleanor Powell