Funü zazhi
No. 010 (05 October, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 214 (214 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第十號 (績宵窗秋)Ladies' Journal volume 1, issue 10 (twisting thread by the window on an autumnal evening)
李端卿女士畫三色版菊花Professor (female) Li Duanqing's three-tone painting of chrysanthemums
王石谷春遊圖Spring travels by Wang Shigu
鄭谷口隸書王建春閨詞,(春天清宫藏本)Guo Gukou's clerical script Wang Jianchun's women's quarters words
丁觀鵬天馬獻瑞圖 Heavenly auspicious horses painting by Ding Guanpeng
莊蘩詩女士書龔定公詩Professor (female) Zhuang Fanshi's calligraphy of Gong Dinggong's poetry
宋夢仙女士遺畫Professor (female) Song Mengxian bestowed painting
盧森堡女公爵馬利埃提刺特及其姊妹小影Sisters of the Luxembourg royal family
計重乳Quevenue-Mullr's Lactondensimeter
計酸乳Marchand's Lactobutyrometer
器雜分皮乳/器動攪Machine for skimming milk/ mixing machine
手車式Hand-operated method
腳車式Foot-peddle method
織布全圖Image of a loom
大隨(?)本張/花補張tools for use while loom weaving
Frames for looms
竹扣張reed frame (sometimes called shaft frame)
扣張Reed frame
Various parts of a loom
Various tools for weaving (shuttle cocks, frames)
濯髮箱之形式/箱之內面觀Hair washing machine/ interior of the box containing the machine
no caption (child in a crib)
no caption (travel clock)
第二十三圖/第二十四圖Figures twenty three and twenty four
南昌潘徐民女士Mrs. Pan Xumin from Nan Chang