Funü zazhi
No. 011 (05 November, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 206 (206 total)
婦女雜誌第一卷第十一號 (尺刀閨寒)Ladies' Journal volume 1, issue 11 (measuring the cut of cloth in the chilly women's quarters)
two figures holding a banner
唐蘇靈芝書塼塔銘Rubbing of the engraving of the book Tang su ling zhi from the brick pagoda
粵東蔡張頃城畫拗風廊圖Cai Zhangqing cheng from Eastern Guangdong province painting: Obstinate winds in the veranda
李蘊芝女史畫/鴈聲聽到畫樓中也要玉人知道有秋風詞意A painting by Lady Li Yunzhi/ The sound of wild geese reaches into the painting studio, [she] thinks of a handsome man, knowing the meaning of the autumn winds
湘西瞿聶叔瑜仿徐崇嗣沒骨法畫荷花Mrs. Nie Shuyu's (from Xiangxi) flawless copy in the bone-less style of lotus blossoms
上海共和女學學生張肇銘水彩畫--野渡舟橫Student of Shanghai Republican girl's school Zhang Zhaoming's watercolor painting--Ferry crossing in the countryside
吳門陳亦蘭女史畫翎毛花卉Lady Chen Yilan from Wu men's bird and flower painting (in the classical style)
北方學界追悼天津普育女學校校長溫安桐女士攝影Beifang school memorial for professor and principal Wen Antong of the Tianjin girls school
世界新輿圖New atlas of the world
溫安桐女士出殯時之攝影Pictures from Professor (female) Wen Antong's funeral
第一圖 --第二圖/接合式/毛刷/魚雌鮭/魚雄鮭Figures 1-2/ joint technique/ brush/ female salmon/ male salmon
第三圖/ (乙)木裝孵卵器 (甲)木裝孵卵器/ 木裝育魚箱Figure three/ (B) wooden receptacle for growing eggs/ (A) wooden receptacle for growing eggs (back)/raising fish box
第四圖/橡皮氣管(一)(二)/第五圖箱套/箱運搬/第六圖取卵氣Figure four/ rubber air duct (one) (two) /figure five containers/carrying containers/ figure six scoop for removing eggs
女子唱歌Female songs
--images of swings, no captions
第二十五圖Figure 25
第二十六圖/第二十七圖Figure 26/ figure 27
江西河口彩菊女士Mrs. Cai Ju from Jiangxi Hekou