Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1915)
Pages available: 1 - 238 (238 total)
水繪園畫史蔡含畫荷花鴛鴦三色版Painting of lotuses and mandarin ducks by the painter Cai Han of the Shuihui Garden, printed with three-colour method.
冒辟疆姬人蔡含畫金曉珠小像A portrait of Jin Xiaozhu, painted by Can Han, concubine of Mao Pijiang
吳芝瑛夫人最近墨寶二種Madame Wu Zhiying's two recent ink works
南樓老人畫石榴真蹟The authentic painting of guava by Nanlou Laoren
徐新華女士洛神賦Goddess of River Luo by Ms Xu Xinhua
愛讀本報者之小影: 陳女士璞The photo-portrait of a reader of our magazine, Ms Chen Pu
馮文鳳女士書曹全碑Calligraphy of the inscriptions on the Cao Quan Stele by Ms Feng Wenfeng
學蓺門Learning skills
薑汁餅乾Ginger snap
天秤A Balance
鉛錘A pendulum
戴草帽的女人A woman wearing a strawhat
一方厚白布附於繖柄A piece of white cloth attached to the handle of an umbrella
一塊硬紙黏於帽底A piece of cardboard stuck to a hat
紙花Paper flower
風景之氣候圖landscape climate chart
家政門Home economics [title page]
第一次謎畫揭曉Answers to the first picture riddles contest
記述門Records [title page]
坐藤轎上山之狀People going up the hill in cane sedan chairs
牯嶺洋房之全部An overall view of western-style houses on Guling
牯嶺洋房之一部(雲起時之狀)Partial view of the western-style houses on the Gu Mountain (with rising clouds)
翡翠浦Emerald beach
各個操 (第五十五教程) (第二女子師範學校本科選手)Individual gymnastic exercises (Number 55) (Athletes of the Second Normal School for Women)
吳縣縣立運動行進田邊月The month of marching along fields of county schools of the Wu county
本國式啞鈴 (第二女子師範學校一年級)Dumbbell activities in native style (Grade one of the Number Two Normal School for Women)
行進遊技Skills in marching
各個操Individual gymnastic exercises
三人三木環Three people with three wood rings
吳縣縣立第一女子高等小學運動棍棒Exercise with clubs by the first Wu county higher primary girl's school
應用短棒Applied short stick
國文範作Model Chinese essays
第二次謎畫懸賞 Prizes offered for the second picture riddles contest
文苑Literary garden
襍俎Miscellaneous collection [title page]
餘興Entertainment [title page]
桂蘊芝女士Ms. Gui Yunzhi