Funü zazhi
No. 007 (01 July, 1921)
Pages available: 1 - 144 (144 total)
廣東之女子參政運動Girls of Guangdong participating in a demonstration
第五屆遠東運動會之中國女學生游藝The recreations of Chinese girl students at the fifth annual Far Eastern sports meet
美國克羅司橡皮鞋廠製造La Crosse Rubber Mills Co.
蘇省各校春季運動會之女學生運動The recreations of girl students at the spring sports meet of the most reputable schools of Suzhou's
粵省各校春季運動會之女學生運動Spring sports meet of Guandong's most reputable girls schools
商務印書館精製名扇Refined fans distributed by the Commercial Press
讽刺 '野蠻與文明"Satire of "the barbaric and the civilized"
腎病之現狀The condition of a person with kidney disease
脫洛斯基雕像 許立屯夫人作Bust of Leon Trotsky
美孚行牌煤油Meiranhang brand kerosene
雞眼及硬皮之脫落 加斯血藥水Bunion remover
青鳥, 她自己幫着密鐵耳穿衣Blue bird helps Mitie'er with his clothes
新華儲蓄銀行 公共儲金New China savings bank
張子祥花卉鏡屏Decorative mirror
警犬 美國 Albert P. Jerhuno 著Police dogs, authored by the American Albert P. Jerhuno
警犬記得賊踪A police dog can trace a thief's footprints
守家的警犬A police dog that guards a home
已受交配的無花菓, 未受交配的無花菓, 無花菓蜂The pollination of a fig plant
同一重量的軟木和輕質木The weights of two different kinds of wood
華臍魚Hana umbilical fish
射魚Shooting fish
放假日的茶會 第一圖A tea party for the holidays
放假日的茶會 第二圖A tea party for the holidays
益智圖補圖Puzzles to exercise intelligence
愛西湖者注意Attention to those who love the West Lake