Funü zazhi
No. 008 (01 August, 1921)
Pages available: 1 - 136 (136 total)
婦女雜誌, 第七卷第八號The ladies' journal, volume 7 issue 8
廣三鐵路局女職員全體攝影Group photograph of the women employees of the Guangsan Railroad bureau
上海聖瑪麗女學校之五朔會Assembly of students of St. Mary's Girls' School in Shanghai
英國皇后接受博士學位The queen of England receives a doctorate degree
巴西外交界之花, 裨槎雪姊女士A socialite of Brazil's diplomatic circles, Thetis Pezas
前駐英公使施肇基先生的女公子Daughter of the former envoy to Britain, Mr. Shi Zhaoji
記憶之城The land of memory
他止住了笑聲凝視着她He paused and stared at her with chuckles
露莎霞雪和小茀蘭慈Lushaxiaxue and Xiaofulanci
奇怪的山薯和紅蘿萄Strange potato and carrot
穿紙衣的人A person wearing paper garments
心之趣談An amusing story about the heart
一, 用X 光照臉牡蠣的情; 二, 在X光下的牡蠣X-rays of oysters
鱗粉扇製作法How to make a fan of scales
頭髮的衛生和美容The hygienic care and styling of hair
益智圖補圖Puzzles to exercise the mind