Funü zazhi
No. 004 (31 March, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 140 (140 total)
謝家池館The pool of the Xie's
修竹遠山Bamboo mountain
薛靈芸Xue Yunyun
上還最完善之美容室『紫羅蘭』The most perfect beauty salon "Violet"
古埃及之花氈Ancient Egyptian felt
可敬的昆蟲之力The surprisingly strong strength that insects have
第六十四園 花園中的遊泳池The sixty-sixth garden swimming pool in the garden
第六十五園/ 休息座佈置在有遮蓋的地方The sixty-fifth garden / lounge is located in a covered area
第六十六園 / 可以瀏覽全園的休息座Sixty-six garden / can browse the whole park rest seat
第六十七圖 / 新奇休息座Sixty-seventh figure / novelty rest seat
日蔭棚解剖圖Anatomy graph of shade bar
第六十九園 / 一種日蔭棚圖The sixty-ninth garden / A sun shade graph
第七十圖/ 木柱直立法;第七十一圖/建桷方法The seventieth diagram / Wooden pillars upright metho; The seventy-first diagram / Jianjue method
第七十二圖 / 連楣貫釘法;第七十三圖 / 建桷方法The seventy-second diagram / Straight nail method; The Seventy-third diagram / Jianjue method
第七十四圖 、第七十五圖 / 飲茶室建築圖 The 74、75 diagram / Tea house building plans
第七十五園The seventy-fifth garden
母珠Mother pearl