Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1927)
Pages available: 1 - 284 (284 total)
愛讀本雜志者沈滌君女士Shen Dijun the lady who loves to read Women's Magazine
都市生活上的屋頂Roofs of urban life
柏林市的屋頂鵝舍Geese's house on roofs in Berlin
訓練犬類的婦女The women who trained dogs
生活上生利除害的大建築Huge buildings which increases benefits and reduces harm for people
婦女職業生活的泉源The origin of women's occupational life
董時進君與朱嶷女士結婚儷影Dong Shi-jin and Ms. Zhu 's wedding photo
雪中的清華學校Tsinghua school in the snow
嬌惰的生活Soothing life
所餘下的殘是給父親看的The rest of the remnants are for the father to see
旅邸一瞥Hotel at a glance
意志薄弱者的矛盾The contradiction of the weak will
聽雨 (朱錦江繪)Listen to the rain (Zhu Jinjiang painting)
蠶事的功夫The production of silk requires effort
衢縣年節的風俗The custom of the year of Qu County
娥皇女英 (吳嘉猷繪)Ehuang and Nüying (Wu Jia You painted)
倦讀Read tired
報秋Autumn is coming
兒童的字畫Children's calligraphy and painting