No. 017 (08 July, 1931)
Page: 030 (40 total)

男子身體之鍛煉.最為重要.不特精神愉快.且可卻病延壽.此影足示健美男子肌肉之飽滿.未知吾國男子具此體格者有幾人 - It is most important for men to do body exercises. One can not only keep a pleasant state of mind, but also get rid of illness and prolong one's life. This photo fully illustrates the well-developed muscles of this strong and handsome man. I don't know how many men in our country get such physique.

Subject matters: Nude figure,
Medium: Photograph-Monochrome

Function: Stand-alone

Keywords: health, body, male, foreign country, healthy and beautiful, Nude,