No. 125 (20 December, 1933)
Page: 001 (64 total)

重(?)生助産學校沈應慧女士倩影 雪懷照相館贈 - photo of Ms. Shen Yinghui in Chong (?) sheng Midwifery school, donated by Xue Huai photo studio

Subject matters: Portrait-1-2 figures,
Medium: Photograph-Monochrome

Function: Stand-alone

Additional information:
Sun: A few characters in the title are not clear enough to recognize, thus we inserted question marks where we are not sure. Please let us know if you know them.
from Linglong, Vol: 6, Iss: 27 楊秀珍女士 沈應慧女士 we could see, that should be 沈應慧

Keywords: front cover,

沈塵(應?)慧 Shen Chen(Ying?) hui (mentioned in caption, depicted on image)
沈應慧 Shen Yinghui (mentioned in caption, depicted on image)