Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1925)
Page: 132 (317 total)

美術與人生的關係/ 均能怡情適性自得其樂 - The relationship between art and life/ Both can be delightful, suitable, and enjoyable

Column title: 甲種徵文 - Advanced level essay competition
Subject matters: 散文 - prose,
Language level: Baihua

Keywords: arts and crafts, beauty, nature,

(mentioned in article)
元稹 Yuan Zhen (mentioned in article)
叔本華 Shubenhua (mentioned in article)
屈靈均 Qu Lingjun (mentioned in article)
康德 Kangde (mentioned in article)
杜甫 Du Fu (mentioned in article)
素芬 Su Fen (Author)