Nüzi Shijie
No. 009 (10 September, 1904)
Page: 060 (88 total)

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題自由結婚第二編十首, The second of ten verses on freedom in marriage

吹萬 Chuiwan (Author),

Keywords: marriage, Freedom,

讀肄業日本同文學校中國少年女子文章, Upon reading the essays composed by young women studying at the Tongwen school in Japan

靈石 Lingshi (Author),

Keywords: women's education,

和筠清女士題女界鐘, In harmony with lady scholar Yunqing on Women's Bell

勇人 Yong ren (Author), 筠清 Yunqing (mentioned in article),

Keywords: nationalism, Freedom,

和筠青女士憂國吟之三, Three chants in harmony with lady scholar Yunqing on worrying about the country

筠青 Yunqing (mentioned in article), 華相眾生 Hua xiang zhong sheng (Author),

Keywords: nationalism, express emotions,