Nüzi Shijie
No. 003 (06 March, 1905)
Page: 059 (106 total)

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偶成三絕示二姊四妹, Surreptisiously composing three quatrains to show second sister and fourth sister

嘉興女士蔣韞華 Jiaxing nushi Jiang Yunhua (Author),

Keywords: nationalism, women,

與韞華韞章二妹言志因作, Written together with my sisters Yunhua and Yunzhang, speaking our hopes

嘉興女士蔣韞玉 Jiaxing nushi Jiang Yunyu (Author), 嘉興女士蔣韞華 Jiaxing nushi Jiang Yunhua (mentioned in article), 木蘭 Mulan (mentioned in article), 羅蘭 Luolan (mentioned in article), 蔣韞章 Jiang Yunzhang (mentioned in article),

Keywords: nationalism, women,

撫念時艱悲憤不能自已援筆書此以當哭, Comforting myself when remembering past hardship I cannot take up my pen to write this and so I cry

張昭漢 Zhang Zhaohan (Author), 羅蘭 Luolan (mentioned in article), 貞德 Zhen De (mentioned in article),

Keywords: citizen, nationalism, women,