No. 022 (12 August, 1931)
Page: 008 (40 total)

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男女結婚應有照會, Men and women should get official documents to get married

紫蘭 Zi Lan (Author),

Keywords: marriage,

貧醜的郎君, Poor and ugly husbands

麗君 Lijun (Author),


兩江薛奇定女士玉影 Precious photo of Ms Xue Qiding from Liang Jiang

丁陞保 Ding Shengbao (Donor), 薛奇定 Xue Qiding (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),


代玲瓏圖畫雜誌送給愛人最受歡迎,玲瓏容易借出艱難收回, Give our Linglong picture magazine to your loved one, which is the most popular gift. Linglong is easy to lend, hard to get back

Keywords: Linglong Magazine,

她煩悶恍惚 他則虛弱疲憊, She is unhappy and absent-minded, while he is weak and tired

Brand: 玫玲粉, Meiling powder

Keywords: love and sex, advertisement,

徐錦玉 Xu Jinyu (mentioned in article),