No. 003 (01 April, 1931)
Page: 034 (36 total)

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好萊塢的"肉", Hollywood's "Flesh"

克萊拉寶 Kelaila Bao (mentioned in article), 曼蘭卡 Man lan ka (mentioned in article), 曼蘭菊萊絲勒 Manlan Julaisile (mentioned in article), 比麗朵芙 Bili Duofu (mentioned in article), 琵琵妲妮兒 Pipi Danni'er (mentioned in article), 瑙麥希拉 Naomai Xila (mentioned in article), 羅絲却德頓 Luosi Quededun (mentioned in article), 麗芳 Lifang (Author),

Keywords: entertainment, stars, body, Hollywood, foreign women, anecdotes,


好萊塢的“肉” “Flesh” of Hollywood

Keywords: love and sex, stars, body, Nude,