No. 005 (15 April, 1931)
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又離婚的巴賴的一夕話. 她再婚的意见. (上), Some words from Pola Negri, who got divorced again; her opinion on getting married again (part 1)

Pola Negri (mentioned in article), Prince Serge Mdivani (mentioned in article), 巴賴 Balai (mentioned in article), 程鏡秋 Cheng Jingqiu (Author), 麥考密 Mai kao mi (mentioned in article),

Keywords: love and sex, divorce, stars, profession/work, emotions, choosing a spouse,


巴賴說做明星的毎天的人生觀就是工作。但是結婚毎可以使一個人的人生觀變成喜怒哀樂。或是羅曼。沒有結婚不能算是有人生觀了。 Pola says the stars' daily philosophy of life is working. But marrying can change your philosophy of life to be emothinal (pleasure or dejection), or to be romantic. If you are not married you cannot be counted as having a philosophy of life.

Keywords: marriage, stars,

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