No. 010 (20 May, 1931)
Page: 013 (36 total)

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今非昔比的女子 (續), Women nowadays are no longer what they were before (continued)

秦秋水 Qin Qiushui (Author),

Keywords: household economics, money, marital relationships, the state of Chinese womanhood, customs , women, education,

婚后的丈夫 (續), Husbands after marriage

張雲裳 Zhang Yunshang (Author),

Keywords: marriage, emotions, Family life/routine, marital relationships, male,


現代女生每天一大半的光陰是用於修飾和寫情書的。對於研究學問的時間簡實極少。唉!破產的現代女生! Modern women spend the better part of the day on doing make-up and writing love letters. The amount of time for study is indeed extremely small. Oh my! the bankrupt modern women!

Keywords: everyday life,

金劍凡 Jin Jianfan (Cartoonist),