No. 010 (20 May, 1931)
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性學博士演講速記, A short note about the lecture held by the doctor of gender studies

中華婦女會 Zhonghua funv hui (mentioned in article), 梅華銓夫人 Mei Huaquan fu ren (mentioned in article), 楊美珍女士 Yang Meizhen nu shi (mentioned in article), 罕許斐 Han Xufei (mentioned in article), 陳颜雅淸女士 Chen Yanyaqing nu shi (mentioned in article), 馬夫人 Ma fu ren (mentioned in article),

Keywords: love and sex, conference, meeting, China-West comparisons, Learning, Germany,


廣東女一女師教育考察團遊西湖攝影 Photograph of the educational investigation group of Guangdong No. 1 Women School and Women Normal School while visiting Xihu (West Lake)

Keywords: travel,

廣東女一女師 Guangdong nu yi nu shi (mentioned in caption),


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Keywords: love and sex,