No. 012 (03 June, 1931)
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女青年會全國協會奠基禮, The founding ceremony of the national association of the association of young women

丁淑靜女士 Ding Shujing nu shi (mentioned in article), 吳景昭女士 Wu Jingzhao nu shi (mentioned in article), 女青年會 nu qing nian hui (mentioned in article), 梅華銓夫人 Mei Huaquan fu ren (mentioned in article), 楊美貞女士 Yang Meizhen nu shi (mentioned in article), 秀娟 Xiujuan (Author), 鄭章成夫人 Zheng Zhangcheng furen (mentioned in article),


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Keywords: conference, meeting,

女青年會 nu qing nian hui (depicted on image),