No. 028 (23 September, 1931)
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電影問答(續), Questions and answers on movies (continued)

保羅魯加 Baoluo Lujia (mentioned in article), 克萊拉寶 Kelaila Bao (mentioned in article), 南雪卡羅 Nanxue Kaluo (mentioned in article), 吉納麥克唐 Jina Maiketang (mentioned in article), 威廉博愛 Weilian Bo'ai (mentioned in article), 約翰擺里穆 Yuehan Bailimu (mentioned in article), 考司推羅 Kaosituiluo (mentioned in article), 茄克干蘭 Jieke Ganlan (mentioned in article),

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東南女子排球隊立成圓圈形以備練習送球之攝影 Photo of the women's volleyball team of Southeast (University) standing in a circle ready for practising ball passing

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