No. 062 (10 August, 1932)
Page: 022 (48 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.


培成女校施泳麗女士花前之留影 Photo of Ms Shi Yongli from Peicheng girls' school in front of flowers

(Photographer), 培成女校 Peicheng nu xiao (mentioned in caption), 施泳麗 Shi Yongli (mentioned in caption, depicted on image),


聖瑪利亞女校畢業生李月卿龔普生女士得文憑之留影。 Photo taken when the graduates of St. Maria girls' school, Ms Li Yueqin and Ms Gong Pusheng, got their certificates

Keywords: women, education,

李月卿 Li Yueqing (mentioned in caption, depicted on image), 聖瑪利亞女校 Shengmaliya nu xiao (mentioned in caption), 龔普生 Gong Pusheng (depicted on image, mentioned in caption),