No. 103 (19 July, 1933)
Page: 061 (64 total)

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阮玲玉的教育, Ruan Lingyu's Education

張石川 Zhang Shichuan (mentioned in article), 聯華 Lianhua (mentioned in article), 阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu (mentioned in caption), 陳立夫 Chen Lifu (mentioned in article),

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嘉寶秘密回美:地位動搖……初次開口, Greta Garbo secretly went back to the USA: Her position changed......she talked to the press for the first time

伊文塞爾勃 Yiwen Saierbo (mentioned in article), 嘉寶 Jiabao (mentioned in article), 梅威絲脫 Mei Weisituo (mentioned in article), 瑙瑪希拉 Naoma Xila (mentioned in article), 瓊克勞馥 Qiong Kelaofu (mentioned in article),

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