No. 082 (18 January, 1933)
Page: 042 (48 total)

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天一的四大金剛, the four guardian warriors of Tianyi company

天一公司 Tianyi gong si (mentioned in caption), 胡蝶 Hu Die (mentioned in article), 邵醉翁 Shao Zuiweng (mentioned in article), 阮玲玉 Ruan Lingyu (mentioned in article), 陳玉梅 Chen Yumei (mentioned in article), 黎明暉 Li Minghui (mentioned in article),

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屢經波折的摩登女性, the film "Modern Women" has been censored repeatedly

卜萬蒼 Bu Wancang (mentioned in article), 聯華 Lianhua (mentioned in article),

天一的東北二女子, the film "two women from Northeast China" produced by the Tianyi company

天一公司 Tianyi gong si (mentioned in article),