No. 118 (01 November, 1933)
Page: 054 (64 total)

© Courtesy of the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, Columbia University.

好萊塢閒話, gossips of Hollywood

克萊拉寶 Kelaila Bao (mentioned in article), 史璜生 Shihuangsheng (mentioned in article), 巴賴尼格里 Balai Nigeli (mentioned in article), 泰露拉賓海 Tailula Binhai (mentioned in article), 派拉蒙 Pailameng (mentioned in article), 貝拉露哥斯 Beila Lugesi (mentioned in article), 雪爾維亞 Xueerweiya (mentioned in article),

Keywords: Hollywood, anecdotes,


美美公司自製服裝, Clothes manufactured by the Meimei Company

Keywords: fashion and beauty, attire, clothing, dress,

美美公司 Meimei gong si zi (mentioned in advertisement),