Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1925)
Page: 137 (317 total)

美術與人生的關係/ 美真善鼎足而為三, The relationship between art and life/ The true, the good and the beautiful are like the three legs of a tripod

萬福林 Wan Fulin (Author), 蔡孑民 Cai Jiemin (mentioned in article),

Keywords: music, embroidery, arts and crafts, beauty, architecture, Literature, ethics, paintings, poetry ,

美術與人生的關係/ 願養成美術化的生活, The relationship between art and life/ Hope to develop an artified life

屈原 Qu Yuan (mentioned in article), 方青筠 Fang Qingyun (Author), 莊子 Zhuangzi (mentioned in article),

Keywords: arts and crafts, beauty, paintings, poetry ,