Funü zazhi
No. 001 (31 December, 1925)
Page: 141 (317 total)

美術與人生的關係/ 同入美化的世界, The relationship between art and life/ Enter the beautified world together

久享 Jiu Xiang (Author), 孫俍工 Sun Lianggong (mentioned in article), 易卜生 Yiboshen (mentioned in article),

Keywords: music, theatre, arts and crafts, Freedom, beauty, Superstition, ethics, paintings,

美術與人生的關係/ 美術可忽視麼, The relationship between art and life/ Can art be ignored

孫家駒 Sun Jiaju (Author), 尼采 Nicai (mentioned in article), 柏拉圖 Bolatu (mentioned in article), 王昱 Wang Yu (mentioned in article), 福爾開爾脫 Fuerkaiertuo (mentioned in article),

Keywords: children, arts and crafts, ethics,