Funü zazhi
No. 006 (31 May, 1929)
Page: 155 (162 total)

五十年之回顧美國婦女雜誌編輯博克自傳, Fifty years of reviewing the editor of American Ladies Journal Bok s biography

何謨斯 Hemosi (mentioned in article), 博克 Boke (mentioned in article), 愛默生 Aimosheng (mentioned in article), 朗斐露 Langfeilu (mentioned in article), 格蘭將軍 Gelan jiang jun (mentioned in article), 梁得所 Liang Desuo (Translator), 海士總統 Haishi zong tong (mentioned in article),

Keywords: America, magazines,

諺語, Proverbs

Keywords: art, poverty,