Funü zazhi
No. 006 (31 May, 1929)
Page: 040 (162 total)

偉大的母性立脫爾登夫人/ 第四次国际联盟大会英国代表, Great motherhood Mrs. / The fourth League of Nations conference English delegate

愛倫凱 Ailun Kai (mentioned in article), 愛其斯立脫爾登夫人 Aiqisi Lituoerdeng Furen (mentioned in article), 涓涓 Juan Juan (Translator), 脫伯德 Tuobode (mentioned in article), 阿斯泰 Asitai (mentioned in article),

Keywords: motherhood, war,

兒童教育的重要, The importance of children education

靜遠 Jing Yuan (Author),

Keywords: children, education,