Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1929)
Page: 010 (174 total)


江陰公立月城小學校教育參觀團 The education visiting group of Yuecheng elementary school in Jiangyin

Keywords: education,

丁毅 Ding Yi (depicted on image), 吳嘉 Wu Jia (depicted on image), 吳潔 Wu Jie (depicted on image), 曹桂鳳 Cao Guifeng (depicted on image), 章慰霖 Zhang Weilin (depicted on image), 胡靜莢 Hu Jingjia (depicted on image), 馮玄真 Feng Xuanzhen (depicted on image),


舞姿 Dance

Keywords: dance,

蕭俊侯 Xiao Junhou (Photographer),


岑克明先生的女公子(素玉) The daughter of Mr. Cen Keming (Suyu)

Keywords: baby,

岑克明 Cen Keming (mentioned in caption), 素玉 Suyu (depicted on image),