Funü zazhi
No. 011 (31 October, 1929)
Page: 026 (174 total)

新女性與幼稚教育, New women and early childhood education

康女士 Kang nu shi (mentioned in article), 推孟 Tuimeng (mentioned in article), 柯克思 Ke Kesi (mentioned in article), 沈美鎮 Shen Meizhen (Author), 潘光旦 Pan Guangdan (mentioned in article), 畢女士 Bi nu shi (mentioned in article), 蒲怡 Puyi (mentioned in article), 霍華 Huohua (mentioned in article),

Keywords: marriage, women's education, good wife and wise mother, childbirth, childrearing, breastfeeding, childrearing, new woman, women's movements,

家庭問題之人格的觀察與解決, The observation and solutions of the family problem: dignity

Keywords: marriage, Family life/routine, marital relationships, childrearing,


新女性與幼稚教育 New women and early childhood education